A few different takes on Net Neutrality

Lists like this should all be prefaced with this statement of fact: there is absolutely no legitimate support for ending network neutrality anywhere, and anyone acting against net neutrality has a direct and personal short-term financial interest in fostering network monopolies and online extortion. This is usually because they are being paid directly by the incumbent monopolists and extortionists, either as a lobbyist or another form of political campaign financier.

Network neutrality protects capitalist competition online against corrupt government officials picking crony market winners and losers, so there is no legitimate economic or political argument to be made against net neutrality. The only rational discussion left is about how to act to restore net neutrality in the US and abroad, and how quickly.

Let’s start with a lighthearted and semi-serious take on the issues. Of all main stream media analysis, John Oliver’s new show does the best work on this topic.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) on Net Neutrality

Next up is a similar mainstream analysis of net neutrality, this time with a target audience who frequently plays video games.

Extra Credits on Net Neutrality – What a Closed Internet Means

Notice that neither of the two videos above has anything direct to say about NSA spying, despite the fact that the end of net neutrality will also mean that Internet access rentiers start throttling any communications encrypted beyond their spy masters’ liking.

Below, Fight For the Future concentrates on online spying with their Reset The Net campaign, yet doesn’t discuss net neutrality in this context at all. They completely fail to mention that the ISP’s themselves are paid-off insiders in the whole online spying game.

Fight For The Future – June 5th, 2014 – Reset the Net

We will admit some obvious bias here, but have you seen any other video talk about both net neutrality and spying together in context to each other?

What Are Data Roads? What is Net Neutrality?

If you agree with the claims being made here, then you can do something about it today at our IndieGoGo campaign. For a limited time you can become eligible for Unwatch.Me privacy cloud testing there for a donation of $90 or less per month, and at the same time support community fiber in the City of Angels!

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