Our Stellar Partnership Grant Program Application

Data Roads Foundation recently applied for the Stellar Partnership Grant  Program with the following project detail entries. Please let us know what you think about this project in the comments.

Briefly describe the proposal using 50 words or less

Nonprofit Co-Op Anchors offering transferrable Donation Promissory Notes (DPN) convertible to charitable class constituency Member Support Tokens (MST), limited Exchanges from eligible fiat (initially $USD only) and In-Kind Donations (IKD) to DPN, and accounting against constituent public ledger holdings for resource pool equity backed Mutual Credit (MC) exchanges between peers. Continue reading “Our Stellar Partnership Grant Program Application”

Data Roads, Sharing Networks, and DIY Movements.

We often stumble around different links on the web to discover unexpected and new items. Yesterday I came across this blog post about installing a DIY barbecue island in a new back patio, written by someone I’ve never heard of before at 231BLOG. A few of the pictures struck me as possible depictions of private data roads installations, shown below.


My only criticism of the above design is that a single Cat6a cable could take the place of both the coaxial TV cable and speaker line, and possibly a DC power line as well (if used with the proper Power over Ethernet equipment). Then you could get power, sound, video, and anything else that can be encoded as binary data via a single line. Of course, once you start seeing places to put data cables, they start appearing everywhere. Continue reading “Data Roads, Sharing Networks, and DIY Movements.”

The Internet as an appliance

Where does your hot water come from?

Most of us have a water heater of some form in the building. The water heater combines cold water, electricity, and sometimes sunlight or gas to produce the hot water on-site. While utility services provide some of the elements needed to obtain the water and heat it, we could not efficiently get any hot water without using an on-site water heating appliance. Subscribing to a hot water delivery service would be very inefficient and expensive by comparison.

Continue reading “The Internet as an appliance”