The Data Roads Foundation

We already have roads for vehicles. We use them to transport people and their goods throughout the world. These roads are defined by a set of standards and expectations that make high-speed travel more available and safer for everyone.

What we need now is roads for our data. We have many of the necessary standards for our data travel devices, like cell phones and netbooks. We even have an “Information Super Highway” to transport our data around the world. What we don’t have yet is local data roads — Internet surface streets, alleys, and cul-de-sacs. We shouldn’t have to use any “Super Highway” just to visit our neighbors.

The Data Roads Foundation will help build and maintain these roads for everyone, because all roads should lead to all people.

As of February 20th, 2013, Data Roads Foundation is an official project of the 501c3 non-profit organization Empowerment WORKS, Inc. (EIN: 31-1796801) A new outline of planned projects and goals is now available at our Wiki site.

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Your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law, and any paper checks should be sent to:

Empowerment WORKS
ATTN: Data Roads Foundation
1187 Coast  Village Rd – Suite 101
Santa    Barbara, CA. 93108  – USA

NOTE: Make out all payments to Empowerment WORKS, and include “Data Roads Foundation” in the Subject/Memo line of all checks and money orders.

Wire transfers can be sent to*:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. (California)
Acct Name: Empowerment WORKS, Inc.
Routing #: 121042882 / Acct #: 744528322

*Immediately follow all wire transfers with an email to Fiscal [at] EmpowermentWORKS [dot] org with “Data Roads Foundation” and your donation total, in both the subject and body of the message.

If you provide a return email address, then we can provide you with donation receipts for your tax records. Thank you!

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